release = relief / easing / letting go

In our stress inducing environment the constriction of our desires and spontaneity is commonplace and begins early in life. Therefore, most grow up with a suppressed perception of their own sensibilities and vitality. The most important energy source for these as well as their dormant possibilities, are locked inside the muscular system, where mobility has become tension and frustration. It also limits the body’s ability to self-regulate and then hampers the ability to process the daily external stress. This can lead to muscle pain, nervousness and might eventually lead to psychosomatic disorders.


Biorelease is a combination of various massage techniques and body awareness exercises.


  • +can contribute to more body awareness, opening up possibilities to effectively deal with stress
  • can stimulate the self-regulatory mechanism of psychoperistalsis whereby it contributes to the final processing of difficult experience
  • can help to change physical postures that are constraining
  • can alleviate restrictive breathing patterns
  • can promote a better balance between the central and autonomic nervous system (between head and belly abdomen)
  • can ease and at times completely eliminate physical and/or psychosomatic complaints such as (back problems, headaches, migraines, insomnia, etc.)
  • can help after traumatic events, that brought a person physically and mentally out of balance, to find oneself again
  • can simply be comforting and reduce stress, especially for those who usually give a lot, are there for others, work long and treat themselves to little rest and relaxation
  • promotes stability in oneself and to trust one’s own body and feeling


Biorelease can, in a single session, produce a solution to the concentrated upon as well as emerging issues. Though, often processes are triggered, which need extended monitoring, if desired. Thus, Biorelease is the ideal way to fulfil the desire to discover more about yourself and your own body. Or as an extension to a non-body-oriented psychotherapy.

Biorelease is based on the findings of Biodynamic Psychology by Gerda Boyesen and her daughters Mona Lisa and Ebba Boyesen.

Almost all methods can be combined flexibly and applied individually in each session, according to the client’s needs.

In addition, oil massages applied directly on the skin can be converted to non-oil massages while being dressed.

  • Lifting (Holding, Expansion, stretching, rotating the main joints)
  • Restrictor-massage (back massage)
  • Connective tissue massage
  • Axis massage (breast-massage, with the exception of breasts)
  • Colon massage (abdominal massage)
  • Foot Massage
  • Buttocks massage
  • Orgonomy massage (energizing massage of Wilhelm Reich)
  • Exit Emptying massage (full body massage for solving blockages)
  • Contouring Massage (massage to strengthen the perception of one’s own (body-) boundaries)
  • Valley-hill-head massage, hand-foot and head massage (massages influencing energy)
  • Chi-Swing (the moving / swinging sideways of the legs and / or the pelvis to stimulate the chi-energy)


In all my massages a small stethoscope that is connected to a speaker guides me. Through it I hear the sounds of the client’s belly. These peristalsis sounds of the intestine are in the thinking of Biorelease not mere digestive noises of food, but rather a kind of “psychoperistalsis”. The abdomen as abdominal brain, on equal footing with the brain and intimately linked with it as an information processing hub, gives me the sounds to suggest whether I am located “in the right place” that is willing to “let go”. 

Especially in the field of massage/relaxation, it is important gauge the personal boundaries (dependent on the situation). Or whether there are special requests that might be obvious or hidden. I always invite a conscious discovery of one’s needs and borders.